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Solar System

Our team at Fordan Electrical successfully installed solar panels all across Sydney, saving our clients thousands of dollars in the process. When solar panels are used to generate energy, no greenhouse gas emissions are discharged into the environment. Solar power is an essential energy source in the transition to clean energy production since the sun offers more energy than we’ll ever need.

You’ll start saving money and stop wasting unnecessary energy as soon as your new solar panels are installed. Solar panels are a long-term investment for your house that will pay for itself. Electricity is only going to grow costlier in the future, so act now and acquire your solar power system!

Solar panel installers from Fordan Electrical have completed a wide range of projects, from home and residential to commercial. We can design unique solutions for any type of installation to suit your needs at home or work. Our staff is dedicated to upholding the greatest safety standards and ensuring that our work is completed to the highest professional standards.

We can assist you in installing hybrid solar power systems that include batteries to store excess energy for later use.

Are you looking for a solar system that is custom-made for your home? Allow Fordan Electrical specialists to design and install a solar power system that is specifically tailored to your house or business’s needs. We’ll perform a thorough study of your power usage and production before designing a custom solution for you.

We can help you upgrade and install new batteries to store extra electricity and update or extend your present solar power system if you already have one.

From your phone, you can track the operation of your solar power system in real-time! To provide the most up-to-date solar power monitoring and measurement, we collaborate with the industry’s leading technological partners. The use of the appropriate software aids in the detection and diagnosis of any performance concerns. You’ll also learn about typical household energy consumption and how much energy you’re purchasing or selling back to the grid.

Solar Maintenance

Homeowners may find that maintaining their solar power system is a nuisance. We’ll handle all of the grunt work and put your mind at ease. Performance reports, fault detection, inverter testing, panel cleaning, and a top-to-bottom inspection of all connections and junctions are all included in Fordan Electrical’s full-service solar panel and system maintenance.

Solar Repairs

Do you have problems with your solar panels? We inspect your solar panels and inverters with the most up-to-date equipment and technologies. We do any repairs necessary to tune up your solar power system and ensure that it is producing solar energy in the most environmentally friendly and effective manner possible.

Fordan Electrical Solar Services

Fordan Electrical provides a comprehensive variety of solar services for both residential and business customers. We have everything you need to save money on energy, from solar power installation and cleaning to acquiring new batteries.

We pay special attention to every element of solar panel maintenance and repair as Sydney’s leading solar power service provider. An examination of your solar power system can reveal any performance difficulties caused by dead or unclean cells, as well as defective components. Our solar services will optimize the amount of energy you produce, ensuring you get the maximum return on your investment in solar technology, whether you live in your own house or manage a large enterprise.

Installation of Solar Panels

Our licensed installers have been hand-picked to install your new solar panels in a variety of home and business settings.

Cleaning of Solar Panels

Keep your solar panels in peak shape with our complete solar panel cleaning service.

Maintenance of solar panels

Fordan’s solar panel experts can provide you with any advice or services you require to keep your solar power system running smoothly. We’ll find and solve any issues so your system can generate energy to its maximum potential.

For Controling Your Energy Production

If you want to install solar system, you're in the right place.

We can answer all your questions about our solar company services and pricing. Call us today on 0481 325 866 or 0474 945 144 or fill out our contact form. Our friendly administration staff will aim to contact you within one business day.

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