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THE HUGE 9.9kW Solar Package is Ideal for Families who want to Maximise their Savings on their Power Bills

With solar system servicing, it’s always important to contact an independent solar service provider for an appraisal of your system. Our team of solar power experts will make sure you get an objective and unbiased diagnosis of any issues your system may be having so you don’t end up paying for unnecessary repairs.

As an independent provider of solar products and services, Fordan Electrical is the company to trust with all your solar service needs, from panel installation to maintenance.

We take care of every aspect of solar power servicing, monitoring and repairs by hiring only the most highly qualified solar technicians in Sydney. Find peace of mind in knowing that your solar system has been serviced with excellence, and that your energy savings are protected by your system warranty.

Solar Panel installation
Let our team of experienced and fully qualified installers help you with your next residential or commercial solar system installation. We have the knowledge and expert skills to create the perfect solar power solution for your home or business.
Solar System Servicing
Maximize your solar investment by making sure your solar system is working at its best! Contact our team of qualified solar power professionals to see if your solar system is in need of servicing. We’ll walk you through everything you need to know about restoring your system to peak capacity.
Solar System Monitoring and Maintenance
Our monitoring and maintenance services will alert you of any minor issues before they get out of hand. Without monitoring, you won’t know if your solar power system suddenly stops functioning properly until your next energy bill. Don’t lose money (or energy) on your solar system investment! Speak with our team today about maintenance and monitoring for your solar power system.
Repairs, Insurance Claims & Warranties for Solar Panels and Products
Fordan Electrical offers repairs for all the major components in your solar power system. From system health checks and panel replacements, to solar system maintenance, we’ll return your system to peak performance, no matter the brand. Let us know if you have any issues with your warranties or repairs, and our team of accredited solar power specialists will be happy to help you.
For Controling Your Energy Production

If you want to install solar system, you're in the right place.

We can answer all your questions about our solar company services and pricing. Call us today on 0481 325 866 or 0474 945 144 or fill out our contact form. Our friendly administration staff will aim to contact you within one business day.

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