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Effective ways to clean and maintain the panels of your solar system

With the limited requirement of maintenance, your solar system can last for years. Little care and regular checkups can go a long way and save you costly repairs down the road, and keep your system looking nice and shiny. Campbelltown is the Town in Australia, which is a buzzing hub of creativity. If you are looking to install or buy it for your home, you can consider approaching a professional store for Solar System in Campbelltown to make the process easier and effective. Other than installing them, it is essential to clean and maintain them regularly. Here are some effective ways to clean and maintain your solar system.

Cleaning your solar system

Don’t worry when you have regular rain in your area

Really you don’t need to worry about cleaning your system if you have rain every couple of weeks in your area. This is because rainwater is more than enough to knock any dirt, dust, or debris off of your solar system. You should not use soap or detergent on your solar system during the cleaning process. They are made out of tempered glass, which tends to be pretty resilient, but you can still take a quick look over it after a hail storm or thunderstorms. The solar system doesn’t lose that much power even if the systems are filthy. It is found they produce 96-98% of the energy they would normally produce when they are dirty.

Spray the systems with a hose

If you don’t experience rain in a while in your area, you may notice a layer of dust or dirt building up on your panel every month or so. When this happens, spray the systems with a hose if they are a little dirty and there is a drought. Make use of a nozzle attachment to spray water on your roof to rinse your systems off. You should also do this when you get a lot of pollen, sandstorms or ash in your area.

You can wipe them down with water and a cloth-covered sponge or squeegee if it is filthy. You can do this only when you have a flat roof, and if the roof is pitched, though, you don’t want to clean them by hand. Avoid washing the panels with it is especially hot and sunny out. You can clean them early in the morning or wait for an overcast day to keep the systems from experiencing abrupt temperature changes.

Hire a professional cleaning crew

When your system gets really dirty and you can’t reach them with a hose, you can hire a professional cleaning team that specializes in the solar system to come out and clean them thoroughly. Unless you know what you are doing, it is not safe to get up on your roof on your own to clean them. You may think hiring a professional crew can cost you more, but hiring a crew for solar panel cleaning is not expensive. You can hire a crew to do this more than once a year.

Removing battery corrosion

Inspect your batteries 2-3 times a year

Mostly you won’t run into problems with your batteries, but it is best to give them a look a few times a year to check for corrosion. When you hire the professionals to install Solar System from Campbelltownthey will completely explain each and every part and use of the system. Your contractor will show you where the batteries are stored during the installation so you can take a closer look at them frequently.

 You have to look at white powder or gunk building up around the terminals on top of each battery. When it looks pretty clean, you really don’t need to do anything. When you have those fancy battery storage panels on your wall and don’t have traditional batteries, you don’t need to clean anything. When your panel is not producing as much energy as they normally do, it is time to check the batteries.

Hire a professional to work on batteries 

You can hire a professional to work on batteries when they do need any kind of work. It is best to hire a professional because messing with the batteries can be quite dangerous. Other than cleaning or refilling, you cannot do the work yourself anyway.

Remove dry corrosion with a brush

You can use a brush and scrub the area repeatedly to remove corrosion or gunk around the terminals. Use the brush around terminals that must be cleaned because as long as they are clean, your solar panels are good to go. When you are cleaning battery terminals, a wire brush is recommended.

Wipe away the wet residue with a cloth

To wipe away wet reside, you have to take distilled water, pour some baking soda into the water, and mix it with a spoon. Dip a clean cloth into the water to wipe away oils or sticky residue and clean the top of the battery case and the terminals. If it is needed yon can reload your cloth with water and baking soda.  

Wrapping it up

If you are looking to invest in the solar system for your place, consider approaching a professional Solar System Company in Campbelltown to get the entire benefits of installing themOwning a solar system is a big investment, so maintenance is necessary to ensure your long-term benefits. You can make use of the above-mentioned tips to clean and maintain your solar system.

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Title: Effective ways to clean and maintain the panels of your solar system

Description: Owning a solar system in Campbelltown is a big investment, so maintenance is necessary to ensure your long-term benefits. You can make use of the tips to clean and maintain your solar system.Keyword: Solar System Campbelltown

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