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Commercial Solar Panels 20 kW

20kW solar power systems are becoming a more reasonable and appealing investment for small to medium businesses in most regions of Australia, with payback periods ranging from 3 to 5 years. As of 2019, a completed 20kW system would cost between $20,000 and $30,000, including upfront discounts or incentives offered under the federal government’s Renewable Energy Target for systems with output capacities of less than 100kW, as well as GST. With pricing levels in this range, clean and affordable energy is well within reach of small and medium-sized businesses feeling the pinch of rising grid electricity rates.

Depending on several factors, the actual power output of a 20kW solar power system will vary. These variables include:

  • The geographical location of the system and the expected daily and annual solar irradiation and cloud cover levels there
  • Orientation and tilt angle of the solar panel array
  • Whether there is any shade cast on the panels
  • Actual operating temperature of the panels
  • Whether solar panel array capacity is accurately matched to inverter capacity
  • The performance of the individual components i.e. the panels and the inverter

The details below provide a rough indication of the amount of energy that a 20kW solar system will produce per day (averaged over the year) in Australia’s capital cities.

A 20kW commercial solar PV system is ideal for businesses with low to medium energy usage, it consists of 70 to 80 panels on average and costs $21,000 to $35,000 approximately. The cost will depend on the brands you select for your solar system. In addition to this, the 20kW commercial solar PV system can generate 80 to 90 units per day and so one can save almost $6,000 to $10,000 on annual basis.

Each panel measures around 1.6m x 1m, so you’ll need at least 128 meter square of roof space. For small to medium-sized businesses, this covers 50% of their electricity consumption. How much money you get back from your solar system will depend on how much electricity you’re able to utilize at your business. Operating at 85% utilization, Upper Reach Wine’s 20kW solar PV system will save them $8,600 per year.

If you’re able to utilize even more of the solar energy your system generates, this figure could be even higher. Adding more to the list of benefits that 20kW commercial solar PV system can offer is its average payback period, which is estimated to be three to five years. Plus, by taking advantage of one of Infinite Energy’s many finance options, like Solar Leasing, you can remain cash flow positive from day one.

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