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Residential solar panels 13 kW

Fordan Solar Panels has been converting homes and businesses in Newcastle, NSW to solar energy for over ten years. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to solar energy; instead, we tailor each client’s solar solution to their specific needs.

The 5kw solar power system, one of the most popular solar choices, offers excellent value for money when installed in compact homes. Depending on the wattage of the panels and how they’re slanted, a modern-day 5kW solar system would require anywhere from 15-20 panels and 25-35 m2 of roof area. The fact that it just needs a little amount of roof space does not limit its potential to generate electricity. 5kw solar systems can create 20-22 units of power per day on average, which is enough to power a typical Australian home.

A 5 KW solar system can power a home that consumes 500 to 600 units of electricity each month. It can also give power to a home that consumes a lot of electricity, but it won’t completely pay the bill. LED lights, tiny fans, solar fountains, gate openers, decorative lights, RV appliances, boat lights, and more may all be powered by the solar panel. The best part is that you can charge a 12-volt battery with a 5-watt solar panel and use it to power all of your 12-volt gadgets.

Why Purchase 13 kW Solar Panels?

Many advantages come with switching to solar electricity. Here are three of the many benefits of solar energy.

Lower Your Electricity Bills

A 5kW solar panel system produces free electricity for your house, lowering your utility bills. Even if your system doesn’t cover your full power use, the lower rates will save you money.

Increase the Value of Your Home

Solar-powered homes sell for more money for one simple reason, consumers want to lower or eliminate their electricity costs.

Contribute to the Environment

Your carbon footprint is reduced when you install a solar system. One household solar system may cut carbon emissions by three to four tons per year, which is equivalent to planting one hundred trees.

Talking about the financial return, the financial returns from a 13kW solar installation are a little more difficult to assess and are mostly dependent on whether or not the owner/operator of the system is eligible for a solar feed-in tariff. Solar Feed-in Tariff programmes compensate solar system owners for each unit of solar energy they export to the grid.

There are network restrictions on whether you may export electricity from your solar PV system, and feed-in prices vary considerably from state to state.

For Controling Your Energy Production

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